Modern Dental Practice in Accrington

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This is a price guide only. All patients receive an accurate estimate following an examination.
Please note that all plan members receive 20% discount on treatments and their check ups and six monthly hygienist visits are included free.
This also includes all x-rays necessary free of charge.

Pay as you go prices:
Initial Assessment (including all necessary x-rays) £80.00
Routine 6 monthly examination £45.00
Small Radiographs £15.00
Large Radiograph £42.00
Hygienist (20 minute) £60.00
Hygienist (30 minute) £90.00
Hydro-Polish £100.00
White Fillings £100 - £155
Extractions from £110
Emergency Extraction £110
Surgical Wisdom toothUpper £200.00
Surgical Wisdom toothLower £300.00
Sports Guards Coloured £95.00
Ceramic Crowns (from) £595.00
Porcelain Bonded Crowns £600.00
Tooth Whitening** £300.00
** Where clinically appropriate.
Plan Fees 2020
Practice Plan - £16.00 per month
X2 checkups per year
X2 Hygienist per year
X-rays.. All free
Emergency visits.. All free
World Wide Insurance
20% discount on treatment

Denture repairs within 24 hours £80.00

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